An Aggressive Attorney Serving The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

An Aggressive Attorney Serving The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex


Don’t Let Used Car Dealers Take Advantage Of You

Buying a car is almost never a simple process, and it can be especially complicated when buying a used car if the seller hasn’t taken care of all the paperwork ahead of the sale. If you purchased a used vehicle but did not promptly receive the full title to that vehicle, you may be the victim of used car title fraud.

At the Law Office of Matthew T. Valeriane, PLLC, we can help you determine if fraud has been committed against you, and what to do about it. Attorney Matthew Valeriane will help you obtain the documentation that confirms your legal ownership of your car as well as take legal action against the dealer who failed to fulfill this duty as part of the sale.

Get Proof Of Ownership For Your Vehicle

There are many reasons why a title may not transfer smoothly from one party to another, such as:

  • The vehicle has a lien on it
  • The vehicle has been salvaged from demolition
  • The vehicle has an out of state title

Regardless of the reason, lacking the title to your own vehicle is a major inconvenience. You could indefinitely be stuck using dealer tags on your license plate, which you will have to renew every 30 days. Whenever these tags expire, you are more likely to be pulled over, which could lead to unnecessary legal problems over minor violations such as improper storage of firearms or alcohol. It will also be much harder for you to sell the vehicle if you decide to do so.

Tackle Auto Dealer Fraud With A Lawyer’s Help

There’s no reason for title fraud to cause you any more inconvenience than it already has. Learn more about how the Law Office of Matthew T. Valeriane, PLLC, can help you resolve this problem quickly and efficiently at an initial consultation — just call 972-619-5951 or contact us online.

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