An Aggressive Attorney Serving The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

An Aggressive Attorney Serving The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex


Hold Your Landlord Accountable To The Law

Everyone has a right to feel safe and secure in their own home, whether they are a homeowner or a renter. Unfortunately, many renters live in buildings owned by landlords who are more concerned with their rights than their responsibilities. These landlords might be slow to respond to basic requests, if they respond at all. Or they may fail to maintain their property and ensure that it satisfies building codes and fire codes. These choices can cause you inconvenience, cost you time and money and even jeopardize your physical safety.

Fortunately, all property owners are required to follow a system of laws designed to protect tenants from negligence and abuse. If you are having a dispute with your landlord, the surest way to reach a definitive resolution is to speak with a skilled attorney who can help you identify your legal options. At the Law Office of Matthew T. Valeriane, PLLC, we stand up for tenants’ rights and hold negligent owners accountable to the legal system.

Experienced Support For A Wide Range Of Landlord-Tenant Issues

There is almost always a statutory remedy for disputes between landlords and tenants. That means that our firm can quickly identify the relevant statutes in your case and apply them in standing up for your interests.

We work with renters living in houses, multi-unit apartment buildings and any other type of residential property. We help our clients with many landlord-tenant matters, including:

  • Illegal eviction
  • Unpaid security deposits
  • Housing discrimination based on race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability or other factors
  • Necessary repairs
  • Injuries or illness caused by the premises, such as slippery surfaces, gas leaks and mold
  • Property damage

Get A Lawyer Who Will Fight For You

Landlords may try to ignore you or intimidate you, but you don’t have to tolerate that kind of treatment. With the advice of a lawyer, you can assert your rights and get the outcome you desire. To schedule an initial consultation with the Law Office of Matthew T. Valeriane, PLLC, call us at 972-619-5951 or email us.

We serve the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and beyond from three locations. Our main office is located in Dallas, Texas. We are also in Plano and Fort Worth, by appointment only.